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Alfamart Digital Business

merupakan inovasi Alfamart sebagai salah satu retail terbesar di  Indonesia  untuk  menjawab  tantangan  digital  hari  ini,  saat  segala  sesuatu  dapat  diperoleh secara  lebih  dekat  dan  mudah.  Bahkan,  melalui  genggaman  tangan  saja.  Inovasi  dalam  bisnis digital  ini membantu  masyarakat  untuk  dapat  memenuhi  kebutuhannya  dengan  cara  yang  lebih mudah  dan  efisien,  baik  sebagai  konsumen  akhir  maupun  sebagai  individu  yang  berwirausaha. Inovasi tersebut hadir dalam enam pilar penting, yaitu Alfamikro, Alfamind, Alfa POP, Alfagift, Alfacart,  dan  Alfatrex.  Keenam  pilar  tersebut  memiliki  fungsi  dan  peranannya  masing-masing dan berpadu dalam layanan O2O demi melayani percepatan gaya hidup masyarakat masa kini.

1.Java Programmer
Responsibilities :
-Create services based on SOA practices.
-Develop and maintain all platform product.
-CMS system development.
-Write well designed, testable, efficient code by using best software development practices.
-Building reusable code and libraries for future user.
-Integrate data from various back-end services and databases.
Qualifications :
-Candidate must possess at least Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science / Information Technology.
-Fresh graduates that familiar with Java Programming are very welcome.
-Adequate knowledge of relational database systems and object oriented programming.
-Proficient knowledge in J2EE / Java.
-Proficient knowledge in PostgreSQL.
-Spring Framework, Web Services, and Bootstrap Framework knowledge is a plus.
-Marketplace / e-commerce knowledge is a plus.
-Required skills : Java / J2EE, Oracle Application Server, Oracle DB, MySQL, and SQL.

2.IT System Security
Responsibilities :
-Perform network security and also application security (code level to perform on-going security testing and code review to improve whole system security).
-Protects system by defining access privileges, control structures and resources.
-Recognizes problems by identifiyinf abnormanilities ; reporting violations.
-Implements security improvements by assessing curent situation ; evaluating trends ; anticipating requirements.
-Determines security violations and inefficiencies by conducting periodic  audits.
-Provide engineering designs for new sotfware solutions to help mitigate security vulnerabilities.
-Computer forensics anaysts or investigatorss work in cybercrime, a growing phenomenon.
-Ensure that the company knows as much as possible, as quickly as possible about security incidents.
-Write compehensive reports including assessment-based fidings, outcomes and propositions for further system security enhancements.
-Penetration tests from infrastructure side up to application side to expose weaknesses in system security.
Requirements :
-Candidates must possess at least bachelor’s degree in science & technology or equivalent.
-Hold CISSP will be prioritized.
-Familiarity with web related technologies (web applications, web services, service oriented architectures) and of web related protocols.
-Problem solving skills and ability to work under pressure.
-Understand to use application tester software such Parasoft will be an advantage.
-Experience in security systems (firewall, digital certificates, IPS/IDS, Anti-maleware, Anti DDOS, etc).

3.IT System Administrator
Responsibilities ;
-Manage and monitor all installed system and infrastructure either in Data Center & Cloud.
-Manage all web application server liability and scalability.
-Install, configure, test, maintain operating systems, application software and system management tools.
-Proactively ensure the highest levels of systems and infrastructure availability.
-Monitor and test application performance for potential bottlenecks, identify possible solutions and work with developers to implement those fixes.
-Participate in the design of information and operational support systems.
-Liase with vendor and other IT Personnel for problem resolutions.
Requirements :
-Candidates must possess at least bachelor degree in Computer Science / Information Technology of equivalent.
-Deep understanding to manage OS Linux server (Centos & Ubuntu).
-Proficient in data storage.
-Able to configure web application server (NgineX and Apache).
-Able to manage multi clustering servers and manage VPS Cloud.
-Understand about Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Digital Right Management (DRM).

4.IT Administration Support
Responsibilities :
-Creates & maintains all databases required for development, testing and production usage.
-Performs the capacity planning required to create and maintain the database.
-Administers all database objects, include tables, indexes, views, sequences and procedures.
-Performs database re-organizations as required to assist IT Division.
-Provide regular report of all database to immediate superior.
Requirements :
-Candidates must possess at least Diploma, Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science / Information Technology.
-Experts in Ms. Office (importanly Ms. Excell) is a must.
-Experts in MS Excell formulas, minimal (V-Look Up, H-Look Up, Pivot Table and Logic If).
-Good communication skill with management development teams, vendors, and system administrators.

5.IOS Developer
Responsibilities :
-Develop iOS application related task / project.
-Report to superior.
-Coordinate with related part / team on development process.
-Ensure the quality of the iOS app wheter its performance of experience or anything related.
Requirements :
-Bachelor degree in computer science / information technology.
-Fresh graduates are very welcome.
-Expertise in iOS App Development is advantage.
-Understand Hybrid Application, MVC pattern.
-Passionate, curious, perfectionist, high inittiative, high responsibility and team player.

6.API Developer
Responsibilities :
-Develop API related task / project (include but not limited to API).
-Report to superior
-Coordinate with related part / team on development process.
-Ensure the quality of API whether its performances or response time or code quality.
Requirements :
-Bachelor degree in computer science / information technology.
-Expertise in API / Web Service Development (include RESTful, Caching, etc).
-Expertise in Java would be great advantage.
-Expertise in front-end development would be great advantage.
-Understand Hybrid Application and MVC Pattern.
-Understand Spring MVC, Spring Boot & Spring Cloud would be advantage.

7.IT Product Operation Support
Responsibilities :
-Supporting Operational System.
-Work with team.
-Define issue for all application in Alfacart.
-Monitoring report notification.
-Assign JIRA tickets to PIC.
-Proative with progress issue and task related with operation system.
Requirements :
-Bachelor degree in Computer Science / Information Technology.
-Expertise in SQL server is a must.
-Strong analytical and logical skill.
-Excellence in written and verbal communication.
-Fresh graduates are very welcome.
-Understand e-commerce / mobile apps / Java.
-Familiar with JIRA application.

8.IT Product Development Specialist
Responsibilities :
-Ensure that all projects are delivered on time, within the scope and the budget.
-Develop a detailed project plan to monitor and track progress.
-Define user requirement, evaluating procedures and processes.
-Plan – Develop – Implement – Evaluate programs and projects.
-Coordinate the project activities by colaborating with project’s team members.
-Proactively enchance the company web platform.
-Stay plugged into emerging technologies / trends and apply them into operations and activities.
Requirements :
-Bachelor degree in Computer Science / Information Technology.
-Proficient in SDLC (System Development Life Cycle).
-Proficient in project management.
-Strong analytical and logical skills.
-Understand e-commerce concept / mobile apps / ERP / Java.
-Excellence written and oral communication skills.

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