Budi Luhur Career Center Budi Luhur e-Job Fair 2019 – SmartLeaders

Budi Luhur e-Job Fair 2019 – SmartLeaders

SmartLeaders we are Industrial Automation System manufacturer. Our Business is to produce a Smart Automation System for you in order to increase the efficiency and the productivity of your company and to solve its persistent problems. Our products usually include a set of software, hardware (infrastructure, devices), manpower training, and SOP documents (scheme of operating procedures as part of Business Process Reengineering).

Software Engineer 
We’re searching for talented and highly motivated Fresh Graduates to join our team here at SmartLeaders, as Software Engineers. We’re looking for curious, collaborative people, who love the challenge of writing & testing complex codes, a fast learner who can quickly hit the ground running and help take our products to the next level, as we scale up and meet the demands of our clients and further develop the business. Our approach is to combine software, hardware, manpower training and SOP as part of Business Process Reengineering. We build enterprise solutions capable of operating in internationally regulated hazardous environment. They are designed to run in highly challenging environment with limited infrastructure. Indonesia, as the largest archipelagic country in the world, is our model. It poses an immensely complex problem to solve for effective digitalization in many areas. As part of our team, you’ll learn to be on the lookout for innovative ways to approach our software projects in order to best serve our clients.

About Smartleaders
-We are an Industrial Automation System Producer who build large-scale and nationwide automation system, particularly for Oil & Gas companies. Among our products is currently used by Pertamina as fuel distribution system to end consumers, a mission-critical system which runs 24/7 on over a hundred servers and devices across Indonesia.

As a Software Engineer You Will:
-Confirm project requirements by reviewing program objective, input data, and output requirements with analyst, supervisor and the client.
-Design, code, document and test/debug software in the required languages (depending on the project at hand) based on project requirements.
-Develop understanding and skills on object-oriented design practices and patterns.
-Collaborate with other talented engineers, designer, technical support and more.

Requirements – As the Starting Point, You Should Be:
-A Fresh Graduate who is passionate about programming, algorithm and all the necessary attributes intrinsic to being a Software Developer
-At least Bachelor Degree (S1 or D4), preferably in Informatics Engineering/Computer Science
-Knowledge in Open Source programming languages & OS, or app development is an advantage.
-Willing to work overtime or on holidays in case of emergency.
-Willing to travel outside Jakarta and to client’s sites when required.

Salary & Benefits
-Negotiable salary based on qualification/experience.
-Other benefits include: Overtime, transport allowance, health insurance, outpatient, bonuses, etc.
-Lodging can be provided if needed.

Workinf Environment
-Since work is a huge part of your life, we want it to be interesting (new technologies,subject matters, and challenges) and fun (relaxed working environment, company outings, sleeping areas, sport, coffee and snacks, etc). Our team work hard, work smart, support each other, and learn new things every day. We keep up with the latest technologies, tools, and tricks of the trade. We’re always refining our
approach, and everyone has a seat at the table and contribute.