PT. Frisidea Tech Indonesia

Is a Software house and idea lab company that creates software technology, and software product development. Our comapany consist of highly skilled developers specializing in agile development methodology, focusing on ecommerce, Fintech and business enterprise, utillizing modern programming languages as our platform. We are now working on exciting projects and would like to offer opportunities to a few new graduates to participate in creating incredible products or services for Indonesia.

1. IT Consultant
Job Description:
-You will act IT Consultant which required to analyze business and operations then create business requirements and other necessary documents.
-You will also require to create preliminary system analysis for software development process preliminary system analysis for software development process to help providing  the best solution to user
-Do testing for project assigned
Job requirement:
-Must be a strong team player
-Must be able to work under pressure
-Professional. able to communication well & have a high working responsibility
-High attention to detail and high responsibility towords the success of the project
-Good experience on analyzing business process
-Skills in documenting user needs, UML, imagination of interface design, and user experience awareness

2. Front and Web Development
JOb Description:
-You have established yourself as an expert of Front and Web DEvelopment
-Expect to be challenged to be given the opportunity to grow, and to collaborate on web project that support
-Develop and assist in development of new requirement when necessary
-Maintain currently running or live application or live application and make necessary enhancement
Job Requirement:
-MInimum 2 years of Front and Web DEvelopment experience in various project/industries
-Knowladges in HTML 5,CSS 3,JQuery,AJAX and Bootstrap is mandatory
-Knowladges in any Javascript frameworks such as NodeJS,Angular,Reat or VueJS is a plus
-Excellent organizational and planning skills
-bachelor degree, major computer science or related discipline

3. Full Stack Developer
-Must be a strong team player
-Must be well versed with GIT
-Experience & capable in developing website with Django framework
-Experience in front-end development principle
-Adopt test driven development principle
-Experience with ReactJS or Angular is a plus
-Experience with SEO is a plus
-Professional, able to communicate well & have a high working responsibility

4. Mobile Developer
-Must be a strong team player
-Must be well versed with Git
-Experience & capable in developing native mobile application (Android & iOS)
-Experience in SDK development is a plus
-Adopt test driven development principle
-Experience with third-partylibraries and APIs
-In depth experience with Java or Swift
-Professional, able to communicate well & have a high working responsibility

5.UI/UX Designer
Job Descreption:
-Design and develop UI/UX frameworks, components, and behaviors
-responsible to create mockup design, story boards, graphical design both web,interactives prototype for new features and mobile application
-Literate on UI/UX design/prototype to continually improve our product
-Contribute ideas and design that can push company and product quality
-work with other application development to enable them to implement UI/UX framework components in web application and work on the Architecture/framework tem of enterprise application
-Strong attention to detail and always want to learn
Job Requirement:
-At least 2 years of working experiences UI/UX Design and Design Graphic
-Bachelor (S1) in computer science and engineering
-Skill set requirements: HTML5,CSS 3,jQuery,Mobile Prototyping (Android,iOS)
-In depth knowladge of online media product pratice, such as web cross-browser support
-Must having experience in prototyping tools such as Axure ir Marvel
-Experience working for a software company or startup is a plus
-Experience using : Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
-have experience designing responsive mobile/web application

Notes :
if you are interested, please send us your CV in English along with a recent photo and portfolio of your previous works to

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