PT. Sumatra Wahana Perkasa

Our company philosophy is to face every business challenges and to grow into a capable Indonesian oil and gas support contractor,through asset-based growth approach and the nurturing of capable human resources. We strives to in vest in long-term capital asset and ensure long term profitability through an excellent clientele base of the oil and gas Industry and continue excellent relationship with them. We maintain and train our workforce to continue to improve knowledge and capabilities. We strives to maintain each of our business as a building blocks which eventually forms the bigger parts of the Seven Offshore Group for the benefit of every stakeholders of the group of companies.

Office Staff :

1.Operation Manager / Staff
2.Purchasing Manager / Staff
3.Ship Manager
4.Crewing Manager / Staff
5.HSE Manager / Staff
6.HRD Manager / Staff
7.Logistics Staff
8.Document Control
9.Finance Staff
10.IT Staff
11.Tax / Accounting Staff
12.Administrative Staff
14.Secretary / PA
Sea Staff :
-Master / Nahkoda
-Chief Officer, 2nd Officer, Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer, Oiler, Cook, Bosun, AB, Port Captain, Welder & Fitter.

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