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IT Solution Integrator organization focusing on advancement, sustainability, innovation in creating a competitive advantage and commitment of service excellence to our customers in the Asia region.
We are now looking for young and talented person to be a part of our team and family. We are more interested in you having the right mindset – curiosity, endeavour, commitment – than deep individual skills. If you are eager to get things done and to learn we’ll help you learn. But if you don’t have a drive and a hunger please don’t apply. Having said that, please note the below as a guide to the skills we’re looking for for this role.

1.Junior Developer
Required skills:
-Front-end skills:
-exposure to JavaScript frameworks and libraries
-Back-end skills:
-exposure to PHP frameworks
-MySQL exposure
-Amazon Web Services exposure
-Linux shell experience
-AngularJS exposure
-Laravel experience
-Familiarity with .NET

2.Technical Consultant
Professionals, who provide technical support, perform trouble-shooting functions and resolve customer issues are known as Technical Consultants. Consults become highly knowledgeable about the company’s products or applications so that they can assist users, employees, and clients with any issues they may have. These consultants must possess skills in organization, teaching, and planning so that they can coordinate with departments to conduct training. These departments may include marketing, sales, and information technology. They review and prepare documentation, manuals, and brochures on the capabilities and functions of different applications. Technical Consultants work in offices and work normal business hours. They receive lucrative salaries and good benefits. Senior professionals have the opportunity to make three times as much as entry-level employees.
The responsibilities of a Technical Consultant include:
-Conducting training sessions and seminars
-Reporting on daily responsibilities and tasks
-Resolving client issues
-Testing products and applications
-Documenting processes and application instructions
-Supporting and troubleshooting software issues
-Attending meetings, sessions and other company events
-Generating innovate ideas
Skills :
-Interpersonal skills
-Analytical and quantitative skills
-Excellent communication skills
-Organization and flexibility
-Technical knowledge
-Experience in system administration
-Adept learning skills
-Cooperation and willingness
Technical Consultants should possess a Bachelor’s Degree education. This degree may be in a Computer Science or Engineering background. Employers usually provide on the job training to add to their procedural expertise.

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