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Established in 1971, Indadi Utama Group has been aggressively diversified businesses in sectors ranging from technology, food & beverage, logistic, aviation, property, hospitality, healthcare, financing, advertising agency, education, mining, forestry and farming. The management has over 40 years of proven track record in various industries, and uses its capital, resources, and management skills to take active participation in new ventures. Currently, we are looking for energetic, dynamic, talented professional and full passion in IT solution to join to our team.

1.IT Application Developer
Job Description:
-Developing enterprise application product for internal and external business;
-Implementing system to local and overseas;
General Requirements:
-Good personality, optimist, creative, strong commitment & leadership, able to work under-pressure, team-work oriented and challenging;
-Able to implement speed-coding methodology for time efficiency and standard software quality;
-Candidate must possess at least Diploma Degree in Computer Science / Information Technology;
-Bachelor degree in Computer Science with minimum 3 years work experience in software development;
Special Requirements:
-Experience to develop modular and integrated application, framework and library;
-Excellent skill in software development methodology, project management and agile methodology;
-Deep-down knowledge in Object-Oriented Programming, stored-procedure and n-tiers architecture best practice;
-Experience in web-based development utilizing C#.Net, ASP.Net MVC, SQL Server, Java, Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap;
-Experience as a technology evangelist, programming team leader, and active in developer community will be prioritized;
-Able to present programming skill, algorithm and portfolios;
Experience in one of these expertise areas will be an additional value: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Material Resource Planning (MRP), Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Asterisk development, Android development, iOS development
Work Location: Bandung / Surabaya / Jakarta
Please send your Curriculum Vitae to

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