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Our goal is not to be the biggest but it is to be the best at everything we do. We understand that today’s salon professional wants, and needs, the biggest and most in-depth resources available, yet they would prefer to have them offered in boutique style environment. We have the primary goal of building a distribution company within the professional nail industry that went far beyond simply representing products and shipping boxes. Our goal has, and will always be to build long lasting relationships with our customers by offering them the highest level of care and service. We seek to make a friend before we make a sale, and we address our friends by name not number.

1.Design Graphic
Job Description:
-Handling design graphic for advertising, promotion, website and social media.
-Create a design which is required by the company.
-Help and editing graphic needs required by the company.
-Additional special projects include but are not limited to: agency brand campaigns, web site development, posters, brochures, graphics, charts, maps, banners, newsletters, etc.
-Designs Advances grapic materials using graphic software applications and traditional methods.
-Leads, assigns work, and assists others on the planning, development, and production of graphic materials.
-Maintains electronic production files.
-Operates and maintains traditional graphic equipment such as reproduction cameras and copiers.
-Oversees and/or prepares mockups for approval.
-Presents internal communications materials to department personnel and / or the public.
-Troubleshoots system hardware and problems.
-Utilizes electronic equipment including laser printers, scanners, plotters, disk drives, modems, and auxiliary equipment to produce materials.
-Utilizes special tools, media, and equipment to produce a variety of graphic communications materials and/ or elements.
-Performs other job responsibilities as assigned.
-Degree/Diploma in Art/Design/Creative Multimedia or equivalent. (Internship are welcome)
-Have knowledge of graphic designer skills
-Proficiency with Adobe PhotoShop, and Illustrator,3D Max, Freehand, Coreldraw, social media, etc
-Fresh graduate are welcome / experience
-Fluent in English both oral and written.
-Deadline oriented and attention to detail.
-Creative and innovative.
-Have a good attitude and discipline.
-Have the ability to work under pressure.
-Willing to work overtime when needed

2.Marketing/Sales Executive
Job Description:
-Going out for sales visits to agents & clients
-Carry out/conduct presentations (product presentations) to agents & clients
-Computer literate(MS Word, MS Excell, MS Powerpoint)
-Able to speak English fairly
-Understand basic sales knowledge
-Fresh graduate are welcome / experience
-Have a bright/pleasant personality & good communication skills
-Able to work independently & in a team, able to work without much supervision
-Willing to work overtime when needed
-Strong team-playing skills
-Proven ability to influence and make an impact internally and externally
-Ability to absorb and use data to drive fast decisions for the customer
-Self-motivation and enthusiasm
p: +62 21 3006 6838 m: +62 858-9168-5981
a:The Bellezza Permata Hijau Office Tower 17th Floor Unit 02-03 •,
Jl. Letjen Soepeno no.34, Arteri Permata Hijau •
Jakarta Selatan 12210 • Indonesia e:

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